Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Working LIfe ~~

Assalamualaikum n Haiii frenz (^_^)

Long time no see ya :) sincerely, I'm very busy with my current job...not as an engineer but Quantity surveyor :)...Alhamdulillah, as time passed by...already 7 month i become as one of  TDSB staff :)..being one of them is a very good opportunity not because of salary or benefit that they give but a friendly environment is what i need in my job...let's talk about work :)  for the first time i got the task...I've got blurrrr :(..u know y?? because i never learn about QS scope of work :( but Alhamdulillah...after 7 month ,i learned so many things :) going to site, liaise with authority, supplier...and sometime arguing with them when there have some misunderstanding....i hope that my boss will increase my salary soon...hohohoho (^_-)

Tata semua..Assalamualaikum :)
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